Thursday, 29 December 2011

RCMP to spend thousands on American anti-liberty dehumanization tatics and training

We are seeing more and more stories here in Canada regarding the RCMP hiring American LEO's to assist and even run department heads of the RCMP. (Colorado officer to Run BC RCMP watchdog) Now our globalist controlled "government" are paying for hundreds of officers to travel to Arizona (of all places, read about the Quartzsite situation) for checkpoint DUI training to assist with "recognizing and testing drug-impaired drivers". Of course this involves unconstitutional violations of civil liberties and rights, as well as outright harassment of aware citizens who don't support the unconstitutional activities of the globalist financial elite. (The one's who are running the guns and drugs in and out of the country and making deals with the drug cartels, and stealing customers money with no recourse, taking houses with out even holding the lease, and so on)

RCMP spending hundreds of thousands to send officers to Arizona training workshops

According to the corrupt globalist controlled RCMP, "Phoenix is the teaching hot spot and best place to find high drivers in mass quantity"

"Lucier said the Arizona facility trains 85 per cent of all drug-recognition experts in North America, partly because there’s a sufficient number of criminals to examine, so it makes sense to send the officers to Phoenix — even though the training will be done by Canadian officials.
“It’s just the volume and the consistency of drug-impaired individuals that the facility provides us that make it worthwhile for us,” Lucier said."

"The training course has three (3) alcohol correlation workshop studies that are conducted during the training course. To do this, a room where alcohol can be dispensed without a liquor license (sic) or permit is required,” says the request for pros to potential bidders."

Of course, the training from American officers, who are getting away with brazen assults on the constitution, are indoctrinating our officers with the same authoritarian garbage. In case you are not aware, the next steps in American checkpoints involve blood tests (drawing blood samples) and TSA goons molesting and even strip searching the youth and elderly alike. (And then calling it an "adminstrative procedure") This is just the next step in the North American Union and the New World Order.

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