Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Truth Talk Radio - 11/30/11

On todays maiden voyage of Truth Talk Radio, we cover the latest news and breaking down the New World Order World Government. Breaking information regarding New World Order World Government propaganda dating to back to 1919.

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Truth Talk Radio launched

I am pleased to announce that we have launched Truth Talk Radio with diverse content. To listen, just click play on the Truth Talk Radio player on the top left. Content will be rotated with relevant, hard hitting, up to date audio. Featuring a variety of Alternative talk programming, including The Alex Jones Show, Infowars Nightly News,  films from Alex Jones, and other alternative media sources. However, the main goal is to launch a new radio program, presented by the Truth Archive.

The Truth Talk Radio Show will cover my personal broad spectrum view of the New World Order and World Government  The show will aim to be available each night and should be posted by 8:00 PM PST M-F  Just click Play on the player on the top left of this website. Our maiden voyage will be broadcast tonight at 8:00 PM PST. Please listen and share with others.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

No fly zone over Iran precursor to WW3

We have seen a program of policies lead by the United Nations, NATO and the United States against countries deemed to be a threat to global security or are guilty of civil and human rights abuses. As seen in Iraq, Libya and other volitile countries, a clear war plan escalation process is evident. If the globalist banking elite want to launch a new war, they follow a proven script. Lets do a run down:

Step 1: Embedd intelligence agents to destabilize and radicalize the target country. Declare the target country is developing "weapons of mass destruction" or is operating a dangerous nuclear program. (Western nations having enough NBC weapons to wipe the planet out several times over is irrelevent) The emotional tool of a countries oppressive civil and human rights abuses (Western nations police forces beating, gassing, crippiling or even killing their own citizens is irrelevant)

Step 2: Spread lies, deception, confusion and propaganda about the target countries regime. The people, quality of life, economy, culture and history of the target country is irellevant.

Step 3: When threats fail, use the United Nations Security Council and NATO to engage in trade embargos against the target country.

Step 4: Trade embargos will fail to fullfil the UN and NATO requests. Establish and enforce No fly zones over the target country.

Step 5: No-fly zones will fail to fullfil the UN and NATO requests. Engage "kinnetic peace action" indescriminate bombing operations. Use peacekeeping forces, intellegence agents and assist al-cia-duh forces to carry out UN NATO requests. (This probably means eliminating the ruler of the target counntry.

My educated guess is, the situation in Iran and the middle east will follow this script right into a perfect storm that erupts into world war three. Lets hope this does not happen.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Climategate strikes back: 5,000 new emails leaked

Climategate has struck another blow against the tyrannical World Government anti-life green agenda. On Tuesday apx. 5,000 previously released emails from East Anglia University were released online. The delay of releasing these damming emails is said to have been planned to cause maximum effect against the global warming carbon tax agenda. SFGate reports.

Download Climategate 2

Private bankers have taken over the world

The last decade has been a severe whirlwind of unfathomable occurrences. This agenda of global takeover by a private banking cartel under the framework of World Government has progressed rapidly through the ages. It may be hard to pin point the start of this global banking cartel, however we will look at the period from 1815-2011.

By the year of 1815, world powers had risen to a new level. The American revolution in 1776 was a bold stand against the British Royal Crown, created a new constitutional republic that would effectively challenge the old world order cabal. The monopolistic British Empire now had a new enemy to face. This moved the British Crown to wage war on the new Republic of America. An agenda of undermining the US constitution and its founding fathers and principals was launched. By 1815, the Rothschild banking empire had become a powerful force in the world economy, and had amassed a large portfolio of gold, silver, and property. Rothschild even had gained the support of loyal employees who had developed what could be called one of the first intelligence agencies. The battle of Waterloo against Napoleon seemed to going in favor of Napoleon. Nathan Rothschild had a courier watching the war and witnessed the British victory over Napoleon. Bringing this report back to Rothschild, who used this knowledge to sell his stock claiming the British had lost was able to bring the stock market to rock bottom. He then bought back the stocks and the majority of the market and economy of England before the people were aware of the scam. Rothschild now controlled England.

Now we move along to the year 1913. Following years of Rothschild and private banking insisting on private central banking in the United States of America, a cabal of private bankers, associates of the Rothschild banking Empire such as JP Morgan and Paul Warburg met in secret on Jekyll Island in a closed door meeting and planned for the creation of a private central bank called the Federal Reserve System. Using their power and influence, this banking cartel were able to get a minimum number of Congressmen to pass the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The United States of America now had a Rothschild controlled private central bank.

In the years following 1913, the globalist banking cabal unconstitutionally pushed for independence and deregulation. With the power to print money with no physical intrinsic value, predatory lending, fractional reserve banking and over leveraged derivative banking lead to the state of affairs we are now seeing. Opposition to the Federal Reserve System has been squashed, as seen at its pinnacle when Kennedy was shot. Reversal and overturning of the Glass–Steagall Act by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act of 1999 and Brettonwoods lead to further deregulation of the banking system.

From the crash of 2008, when the private bankers threatened congress with Martial Law, this global banking cabal is grabbing firm hold over control of the world. The revolving door of politics and corporate power tied to the top of the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and mega banks. Hand in hand with the Rothschild Council on Foreign Relations creation now known as the United Nations along with the full support of the Vatican have worked towards creating the World Government they call the New World Order.

The IMF and World Bank along with Goldman Sachs are the power banking operations of this World Government. The elected constitutional system of government has been overthrown by this cabal. Presidents serve the global banking cabal, Congress tows to the power banking cabal, the media bends to the private banking cartel. These entities are used as puppets by the private banking cabal to further their agenda. Their power and influence is used to suppress opposition to the takeover and present solutions which satisfy the banking cabals needs. A Super Congress has unconstitutionally removed the power of Congress in order to fast track bills via the banking cabals control of the Presidency. The private banking cabal use the office of the Presidency and congress to install their selected officials to run their power positions, such as the Head of the Federal Reserve or the Treasury Secretary.

This banking cabal has full control over the American Federal government and is able to ensure that their system will continue to operate regardless of law under CoG. This banking cabal since 2008 has engaged in massive financial crime, fraud and insider trading with relentless impunity. Using control of Congress, they have given themselves trillions of dollars in bonuses and bailouts, at the taxpayers expense. By changing deregulation laws, the Federal Reserve even doled out trillions in secret bailouts and bonuses to private companies and countries. A few of these mega banks even were involved in billions of dollars of drug money through Mexican drug cartels. Mega banks such as Bank of America have been found guilty of foreclosing homes that were fully paid and did not even hold title to. Futures traders such as MF Global stole over $1.2 billion from gold futures accounts, even telling customers that they would need to give them even more money if they wanted to get any of their money back. All of this crime and fraud committed by the banking cabal are continually using their convenient "get out of jail free" card.

Now the Trilateral Commission Goldman Sachs empire has installed their man in as the Prime Minister of Greece in "Super Mario" Monty.

Even the Vatican is now making their yearly call for a New World Order and World Government under IMF / World Bank United Nations control.

And as the EU just showed us, this is the same World Government banking cabal that tells us that water does not prevent dehydration, that vitamins are bad, humans are bad, choosing your own food is bad, breathing and farting are bad, and that the sun does not create heat and weather.

The Banking cabals World Government is full out in the open. They are funding an oppressive police state in order to protect themselves under CoG as they bring the world to flames and ruins. Each controlled element, through decades of social engineering and programming from these technocrat globalists have created a perfect storm of economic, political and religious storm that is only just starting. Their armies have already trained for this unrest and are more then ready to engage in mass internment and martial law, and even worse, when the moment comes that this banking cabal determines they can no longer avoid the effects of their actions.

World Government is here. Goldman Sachs and the Rothschild controlled global banking cabal rules the world.

Please keep posted for a list of source references

Monday, 21 November 2011

MF Global stole over $1.2 billion: CME claimed to hold over $100 trillion in insurance

The Wall Street Journal reported today that MF Global could have stolen over $1 billion dollars from custumers gold futures accounts.

Now though, many are asking, why did the CME say that they held over $100 trillion in insurance liability to cover lack of funds in futures and commodities exchanges?

Also an investigative report by Forbes shows that Corzine may have been running MF Global with an expired Broker license.

NYC terror suspect was handled by NYPD informants

The mainstream media in the United States has continued to hype the threat of "homegrown terrorism". Shortly after the arrest, mainstream news tried to paint the suspect as being inspired by Alex Jones film "The Obama Deception" Of course, if you want to believe that, just watch the film yourself and you'll see how this claim is unfounded. Now a recent New York Times article states a NYPD informant lived with the suspect and talked with him about the details of the plot. As the article alludes to, the FBI has admitted to aiding and abetting terror suspects in so called sting operations across the country, such as the Portland Christmas tree "bomber" was handled by the FBI and even given materials needed to pull off the plot, or as former FBI informant, Mr Saleem, released recorded conversations with his FBI bosses where the FBI gave the materials to the cell that carried out the 1993 World Trade Center. (Reported in the New York Times).

This new article hides the light of truth in this sentence:

"Mr. Pimentel was secretly recorded and videotaped by the informant discussing the plot and assembling the components for the pipe bombs, according to court papers"

So much for a "grassroots" threat. Thankfully this was only another plot that was "thwarted" before it happened. We all know what happened the last time the establishment wanted to carry out an event. It came to fruition on 9/11


Sunday, 20 November 2011

EU rules it is illegal to claim water prevents dehydration

In shocking 1984 tyrannical fashion, the EU has made it illegal to make the statement or claim that water can prevent dehydration, with violations resulting in jail time and expensive fines. This move is par for the course of the United Nations Agenda 21 Codex Ailementarious World Government Agenda. From banning vitamins and supplements, claiming vitamins are useless., that foods, vitamins and minerals do not have health benefits, and that humans have no right to consume any food. A finely tuned machine of globalist New World Order anti-life anti-human policies is unleashing an assault on human rights, liberties, and health. This system, formed on a modern mixture of Brave New World and 1984 with a dash of Julian and Aldus Huxley, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bill Gates eugenics depopulation program. As Orwell foretold in 1984, these Elite policy makers are able to reduce the mental health of society by enforcing this agenda of evil through the now fully hijacked legal, corporate and political system. A 1984 world where any claim made by the state is defacto law. As the mental health of this system degrades, more and more insanity becomes manifest. In 1984 Orwell claims that the party could claim that gravity does not exist, however they would be able to create a new type of science that allows for gravity but ignores its existence.

Of course, it is well known that water is needed for all life on planet earth. We can only hope that politicians and citizens of the EU will resist and overturn this insanity.

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