Thursday, 29 December 2011

Alex Jones: Proof the Government is Killing You

RCMP to spend thousands on American anti-liberty dehumanization tatics and training

We are seeing more and more stories here in Canada regarding the RCMP hiring American LEO's to assist and even run department heads of the RCMP. (Colorado officer to Run BC RCMP watchdog) Now our globalist controlled "government" are paying for hundreds of officers to travel to Arizona (of all places, read about the Quartzsite situation) for checkpoint DUI training to assist with "recognizing and testing drug-impaired drivers". Of course this involves unconstitutional violations of civil liberties and rights, as well as outright harassment of aware citizens who don't support the unconstitutional activities of the globalist financial elite. (The one's who are running the guns and drugs in and out of the country and making deals with the drug cartels, and stealing customers money with no recourse, taking houses with out even holding the lease, and so on)

RCMP spending hundreds of thousands to send officers to Arizona training workshops

According to the corrupt globalist controlled RCMP, "Phoenix is the teaching hot spot and best place to find high drivers in mass quantity"

"Lucier said the Arizona facility trains 85 per cent of all drug-recognition experts in North America, partly because there’s a sufficient number of criminals to examine, so it makes sense to send the officers to Phoenix — even though the training will be done by Canadian officials.
“It’s just the volume and the consistency of drug-impaired individuals that the facility provides us that make it worthwhile for us,” Lucier said."

"The training course has three (3) alcohol correlation workshop studies that are conducted during the training course. To do this, a room where alcohol can be dispensed without a liquor license (sic) or permit is required,” says the request for pros to potential bidders."

Of course, the training from American officers, who are getting away with brazen assults on the constitution, are indoctrinating our officers with the same authoritarian garbage. In case you are not aware, the next steps in American checkpoints involve blood tests (drawing blood samples) and TSA goons molesting and even strip searching the youth and elderly alike. (And then calling it an "adminstrative procedure") This is just the next step in the North American Union and the New World Order.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Over 80 Internet Inventors and Engineers Send Open Letter to US Congress

Over 80 Internet Inventors and Engineers Send Open Letter to US Congress

A group of 83 Internet inventors and prominent engineers sent an open letter today to the members of the United States Congress, stating their opposition to the SOPA and PIPA Internet blacklist bills that are under consideration in the House and Senate respectively.
* * *
We, the undersigned, have played various parts in building a network called the Internet. We wrote and debugged the software; we defined the standards and protocols that talk over that network. Many of us invented parts of it. We're just a little proud of the social and economic benefits that our project, the Internet, has brought with it.
Last year, many of us wrote to you and your colleagues to warn about the proposed "COICA" copyright and censorship legislation. Today, we are writing again to reiterate our concerns about the SOPA and PIPA derivatives of last year's bill, that are under consideration in the House and Senate. In many respects, these proposals are worse than the one we were alarmed to read last year.

If enacted, either of these bills will create an environment of tremendous fear and uncertainty for technological innovation, and seriously harm the credibility of the United States in its role as a steward of key Internet infrastructure. Regardless of recent amendments to SOPA, both bills will risk fragmenting the Internet's global domain name system (DNS) and have other capricious technical consequences. In exchange for this, such legislation would engender censorship that will simultaneously be circumvented by deliberate infringers while hampering innocent parties' right and ability to communicate and express themselves online.

All censorship schemes impact speech beyond the category they were intended to restrict, but these bills are particularly egregious in that regard because they cause entire domains to vanish from the Web, not just infringing pages or files. Worse, an incredible range of useful, law-abiding sites can be blacklisted under these proposals. In fact, it seems that this has already begun to happen under the nascent DHS/ICE seizures program.
Censorship of Internet infrastructure will inevitably cause network errors and security problems. This is true in China, Iran and other countries that censor the network today; it will be just as true of American censorship. It is also true regardless of whether censorship is implemented via the DNS, proxies, firewalls, or any other method. Types of network errors and insecurity that we wrestle with today will become more widespread, and will affect sites other than those blacklisted by the American government.
The current bills — SOPA explicitly and PIPA implicitly — also threaten engineers who build Internet systems or offer services that are not readily and automatically compliant with censorship actions by the U.S. government. When we designed the Internet the first time, our priorities were reliability, robustness and minimizing central points of failure or control. We are alarmed that Congress is so close to mandating censorship-compliance as a design requirement for new Internet innovations. This can only damage the security of the network, and give authoritarian governments more power over what their citizens can read and publish.
The US government has regularly claimed that it supports a free and open Internet, both domestically and abroad. We cannot have a free and open Internet unless its naming and routing systems sit above the political concerns and objectives of any one government or industry. To date, the leading role the US has played in this infrastructure has been fairly uncontroversial because America is seen as a trustworthy arbiter and a neutral bastion of free expression. If the US begins to use its central position in the network for censorship that advances its political and economic agenda, the consequences will be far-reaching and destructive.

SOPA Act supported by companies who distrobuted filesharing software

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Planned Parenthood document reveals eugenics and sterilization program for the New World Order

On tonights Infowars Nightly News, Alex Jones covered the full spectrum biological warfare carried out against the worlds population, through BPA, vaccines, chemicals, drugs, eugenics and sterilization. Alex responded to a CBS hit peice attacking Jones and Ron Paul for speaking the truth and making a stand for liberty. Alex made specific reference to a particular document, a memo from Planned Parenthood and the Population Council titled "Activities Relevent to the Study of Population Policy In The US". A chart outlines the master plan of destroying the family, mariage and society through eugenics, chemicals, drugs and social control.

Memorandum to Bernard Berelson (President, Population Council) found in "Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the U.S." 3/11/69 by Frederick S. Jaffe (Vice president of Planned Parenthood - World Population).

TABLE 1. Examples of Proposed Measures to Reduce U.S. Fertility, by Universality or Selectivity of Impact

Universal Impact
Social Constraints
Selective Impact

Depending on Socio-Economic Status
Economic Deterrents
Measures Predicated on Existing Motivation to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies

Social Controls

Restructure family:

a) Postpone or avoid marriage
b) Alter image of ideal family size

Compulsory education of children
Encourage increased homosexuality
Educate for family limitation
Fertility control agents in water supply
Encourage women to work

Modify tax policies:

a) Substantial marriage tax
b) Child Tax
c) Tax married more than single
d) Remove parents tax exemption
d) Additional taxes on parents with more than I or 2 children in school

Reduce/eliminate paid maternity leave or benefits
Reduce/eliminate children's or family allowances
Bonuses for delayed marriage and greater child-spacing
Pensions for women of 45 with less than N children
Eliminate Welfare payments after first 2 children

Compulsory abortion of out-of-wedlock pregnancies

Compulsory sterilization of all who have two children except for a few who would be allowed three

Confine childbearing to only a limited number of adults
Stock certificate type permits for children

Housing Policies:

a) Discouragement of private home ownership
b) Stop awarding public housing based on family size

Payments to encourage sterilization
Payments to encourage contraception
Payments to encourage abortion
Abortion and sterilization on demand
Allow certain contraceptives to be distributed nonmedically
Improve contraceptive technology
Make contraception truly available and accessible to all
Improve maternal health care, with family planning a core element

Chronic Depression

Require women to work and provide few child care facilities

Limit/eliminate public-financed medical care, scholarships, housing, loans and subsidies to families with more than N children.

Source: "A Family Planning Perspectives Special Supplement" published by Planned Parenthood-World Population, NYC, NY, 1970.


Further information is available regarding this memo, from the publication "Studies in Family Planning", titled "Beyond Family Planning", from the Population Council, 1969. It breaks down each aspect of the Jaffe  memo. Find this document here

To any freethinking person, this call for American policy is what you would expect to see in some despotic scifi movie or brutal third world dictatorship. Of course, an education in the Infowar awakens you to the reality that the modern western world has been designed and controlled to become a tyrannical despotic tyranny. We are seeing it unfold in front of our eyes. It saddens me to see this terrible evil take place. It is the duty of all good men and women to spread the word and inform others of the evil workings of these despotic "leaders", to try and prevent this evil from happening and growing. We take a firm stand against this evil and let the tyrants know we are not the same as them, we stand with free humanity in love, kindness, liberty and freedom. The blood is not on our hands, it is on the hands of these evil, sick, digusting creatures that wish to destroy all that is good. The universe will find justice for these people.

Spread tonights Infowars Nightly News with everyone you know, and stay tuned to for a special mega-report regarding the BPA, eugenics, sterilization and more.

Trillion dollar lawsuit the biggest story of 2011 (that noones heard of)

A story involving possibly up to thousands of trillions of dollars has been developing since 2009. Getting up to speed, you may want to refer to the following mainstream articles regarding this story:

Japan Probes Report Two Seized With Undeclared Bonds
US government securities seized from Japanese nationals, not clear whether real or fake
Possible Links to a Coming Bank Holiday in the Ongoing $134.5 Billion Bearer Bond Mystery

However, on December 5, Courthouse News Service expanded on the amazing story. And now this story involving possibly thousands of trillions of dollars in US bonds that were stolen from the Dragon family to be used by the United Nations, the IMF, World Bank, International Bank of Settlements, and the Italian Government to support the derivative house of cards casino gulag that has resulted in brutal austerity, not including the outright theft of custumers money, such as the MFGlobal scandal run by the CME and John Corzine.  

Bizarre Claim for $1 Trillion - Courthouse News Service

An official lawsuit has been filed in New York and perhaps provides the most information on this absolutely stunning story. This is one court filing you MUST read. Take a look, read through all 100 or so pages. Remember, this is a real court case in the State of New York. And it could have untold MASSIVE effects on the world economy and global governmental policies.

Keenan (Dragon's) vs UN/IMF/Italian government

Then get back to me and tell me this is not the biggest story of 2011 that noone has heard of.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

WeAreChange website deemed dangerous by Google

USWGO has reported a breaking story regarding Google and who have flagged well known citizen group WeAreChange non-profit website,, as hosting dangerous trojans and malware. Users searching for this website on Google are greeted by a message informing visitors to avoid visiting WeAreChange. Here is what Google says about

Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!


Return to the previous page and pick another result.
Try another search to find what you're looking for.
Or you can continue to at your own risk. For detailed information about the problems we found, visit Google's Safe Browsing diagnostic page for this site.

For more information about how to protect yourself from harmful software online, you can visit

Click on the Google/StopBadware diagnostic link, where it says:

Advisory provided by
Safe Browsing
Diagnostic page for

What is the current listing status for
Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.

Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 2 time(s) over the past 90 days.

What happened when Google visited this site?

Of the 22 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 3 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2011-12-25, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2011-12-25.

Malicious software includes 2 trojan(s).

Malicious software is hosted on 1 domain(s), including

This site was hosted on 1 network(s) including AS29873 (BIZLAND).

Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?
Over the past 90 days, did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.

Has this site hosted malware?

No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

How did this happen?

In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.

Google and StopBadware clearly state that WeAreChange has not hosted any harmfull content but a third party may have hosted some type of malware. Of course, it certainaly cannot be a false report, just like Googles Youtube service has been used to make countless false claims of objectional or copyright material. One things for certain, the only trojan on WeAreChange is the truth. And the New World Order is surely terrified of the truth.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The New World Order is Here

There can be no doubt about it. We are now in RED ALERT. Mayday. The evil of the New World Order is now upon us. Here are some of the sobering events of 2011, as we move into a tyrannical chaotic 2012.

- The DoJ FBI CIA CoG caught running drugs and guns in and out of the USA

- Wells Fargo and Wachovia finanicing drug cartels

- American citizens arrested across the US for asking City/Town council meetings

- Occupy LA and London FBI MI6 spying on Occupy attendees

- MFGlobal steals thousand from custumers futures accounts CME and Corzine go free

- Wisconsin and Iowa courts via FDA declare no rights to food or choice of food for Americans and their families and no right to consume food from livestock

- UAV predator drone used to arrest North Dakota ranchers

- Two US scientists create deadly bird virus that is highly transmitible person to person. Pressure to suppress scientific information from journals and studies.

- Ron Pauls success leads to attack: Paul "discredits" politcal system

- National Guard to hit streets of New Orleans

- The National Defense Authorization Act NDAA is passed and signed by Obama, pertains to Americans to be detained and internned without trial indefinitely

- Joe Liberman wants Americans to be terrified of being interred and detained with out lawyers or rights.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Truth Talk Radio 12/10/11

Today is Saturday, December 10, 2011. Your host discusses the latest news including: UN Climate change summit in South Aftrica, MF Global Corzine testimony, CoG underground bases, weather modification.

We have created a Soundcloud account as an archive for our shows. Listen using the player on the top right of the page or visit