Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The New World Order is Here

There can be no doubt about it. We are now in RED ALERT. Mayday. The evil of the New World Order is now upon us. Here are some of the sobering events of 2011, as we move into a tyrannical chaotic 2012.

- The DoJ FBI CIA CoG caught running drugs and guns in and out of the USA

- Wells Fargo and Wachovia finanicing drug cartels

- American citizens arrested across the US for asking City/Town council meetings

- Occupy LA and London FBI MI6 spying on Occupy attendees

- MFGlobal steals thousand from custumers futures accounts CME and Corzine go free

- Wisconsin and Iowa courts via FDA declare no rights to food or choice of food for Americans and their families and no right to consume food from livestock

- UAV predator drone used to arrest North Dakota ranchers

- Two US scientists create deadly bird virus that is highly transmitible person to person. Pressure to suppress scientific information from journals and studies.

- Ron Pauls success leads to attack: Paul "discredits" politcal system

- National Guard to hit streets of New Orleans

- The National Defense Authorization Act NDAA is passed and signed by Obama, pertains to Americans to be detained and internned without trial indefinitely

- Joe Liberman wants Americans to be terrified of being interred and detained with out lawyers or rights.

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